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Just wondering

How many ideas and drawings do the design and or art team go through when marking a new area or upgrading old ones like lirs and castle. would you be able post some pics of some of the areas like tower castle lirs etc and show what they could of looked like before final product and if there was somt...


So before this is released just wanna make sure it dosnt lag out my game. Back in the old days I had a iPod 4 and iPad 2 that I played on then android came out and with my android phone I made a account with the exact same user and pass then stoped at lvl 2 and got a new iPhone cause my phone broke ...

Re: Auction House scamming

It is a scam. People are paying more gold than they are expecting hence losing more gold than they thought as it's being taken by tricking people. There is no arguement to this and needs to be fixed. scam skam/ nouninformal 1. a dishonest scheme; a fraud. "an insurance scam" synonyms: fra...

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