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Re: weight lifting

Lifting won't stunt your growth, but until your body is ready for it, you will not see much growth either. Just unnecessary strain. Some people never put on weight from lifting, it's just their body type. you need to do body workout not just shoulder bizeps trizeps breast :D and your statement is f...

Re: Any phobia's?

I used to be scared of heights but my dream is to become a pilot for my Air Force so I figured that I needed to get over it and skydived and I haven't gotten scared since.

Re: weight lifting

As long as you lift with the correct form, lifting will not stunt your growth. It is common though because most kids do not know the proper form on exercises such as squatting and deadlifting which if done incorrectly, can stunt growth but can also ruin your back.

Buying and Selling

Heya guys! If you want to buy or sell me anything, mail me in game @ FatherNature :)


Fiery Axe of Triumph 260k x2

Heroic Boots of Speed 90k

Xps 3k x30

Radiant White Cosmic Wizard Charm


Nothing at the moment!

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