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Which Phone?

I am getting an android phone soon and I wanted to know which ones run Celtic heroes the best and which are good phones overall. I've always been an iPhone user but I'm tired of them now. Any help is appreciated.

Re: any patriots fans here?

I see.... some people are mad :lol: poor seahawks.. they didn't stand a chance in the superbowl, and the look on sherms face.. omg, priceless :lol: I don't care for the Seahawks or the patriots but when you said that the Seahawks didn't have a chance it makes me wonder how they were very close to w...

Re: Season 6 The Walking Dead

UpDown wrote:
PurpleRain wrote:
UpDown wrote:Holly cow!!! I didn't see it, why did you say it)):
Way to busy in the army haha

Hasn't started yet it will start this Sunday.
Thank you for your service :)

I don't serve USA, i serve Israel

No matter who you serve, you made a bold choice that not many would.

Re: weight lifting

Funny how 14 year old kids say they lift. It's quite funny. so me lifting when im 14 compared to someone lifting when there older is different? i mean i may not know as much but i still lift i dont get what the point of your post was. you look on youtube there are many people who lift when there yo...

Re: weight lifting

Well, if you do not take breaks you are just ripping the muscle over and over. It may not seem bad at the start but you will hurt yourself and won't be able to lift for 3+ months.

Re: weight lifting

Godly wrote:what if you continue to tear your muscles when there healing then will you still gain? i mean like if i do my chest then the next day its sore and i do it again will i still gain ?

No, you are just hurting yourself. Your muscles need time to recover. Never work out the same muscle two days in a row.

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