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Re: Beta

Do we need to be ios 8 because surely that will just result in how it is now, shouldn't there be a variety of ios. Also jake you should defiantly be in the tester if im in ima try post as much as u.

Buying and selling!

lvl 150 axe
Maybe lvl 150 damage helm
Golden ice blade
Heroic ammy
Lvl 100 fiery axe
Lvl 100 damage helm
Lvl 50 damage helm
If you would like to sell me or buy any of these items please mail or pm me in game at pickleman!

Re: Oh Jah.... Why

Actually it wouldn't be a permanent ban because he hasnt actually killed anyone he has done no harm. At the most he may get a suspension for a couple days but i np just think it will be a warning. Also if i were you i would stop posting and making youself look even more like an idiot then you alread...

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