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Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

They only restarted the servers. They didn't change anything . Obviously it's not a simple fix. They don't even know why it's happening. When these kinds of things happen to our servers, we bring them down and perform a thorough review of everything, top to bottom. Rather than making our user suffer...

Re: "Jackpot chest pet"

LightSword wrote:Y’all complain waaaaaayyyyy tooooo muuuuch. I opened around 160 chests and got a egg.

You brag about being lucky? Like you did anything besides tap a chest 160 times.
It's all random generator. Someone opened 10 chest and got one, does that mean they are better than you at opening chests?

Re: CH getting from bad to worse

UPDATE: Can't say for certain, but it is likely you will experience a server restart once the UK is back in the office. The team here is has located an issue in the logs and is working on solutions. If the solution doesn't work, are you guys gonna work this weekend to resolve issues and reset serve...

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