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Re: -,-

*Ankle breaks kokurou*
Dun worry i brought it up for no good reason.-.

Re: Curry30423

Lol everyone knows what u look like and since u posted vids on forums thats how u got views and everyone could see the girly face but people never talked about it cuz it was gonna hurt ur fellings
dippy sh**ty:-)

Re: Curry30423

Ewww kokurou u sux and stop blaming or shaming- show it somewhere else ..... XD U cant kill no one in arena Really u so sh*t :-) stop trying to say that people cant kill you lots people already killed u and still are doing it and thats what made u get pissed. but please go somewhere else and talk ab...

Re: To iamxox

Kokurou wrote:
Liviticus wrote:What is going on in this thread?

Evidentially im inclined to believe everyone has, as the saying goes, "lost their mind"

Only you lost yours:-) 99.9%
Not us

Re: Curry30423

I met medalofhonor and needforspeed and first of all they are your level I guess ....forgot cuz it was like 2months ago and I doubt that they can't kill you also some lower sh1t can take you down cuz you...... Uh um fool:-)

Re: Curry30423

I haven't seen you for 3months so how's that recently killing other people? You ain't kool lieing but a fool that's trying to be kool but can't cuz fool is always fool and the kool dose not fit the fool anymore and now you proved yourself a kool(opposite) person. Next time I see you ....your dead cu...

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