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2.5 million gold Transfer from Taranis and Buying some thing

Hey guys im currently xfering 2.5 mill so pm me Ingame or onforum but otherwise, I have a list of things im lookin to buy wit some gold Crown of warlock - 160k Ring of sorcery (event) 500k New focus ammy 675k Defence ammy or Protection 325k Royal Ice attune and spider- shard rings Also buying a Suns...


Hey guys, im looking to transfer out of taranis to any world I am posting this on every world Looking to transfer about 3 mill in items and lix: Sunshard ammy= 1 mill 2 lvl 100 brace= 300k 2 event rings 500k ones= 800k elder serpant staff= 200k Freezing Axe: 300k 300k cash 36 super know: 180k - Apro...

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