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Re: Necro strategy revealed

from what i have learned, have mages and rangers in a group. rangers stand behind table and auto. doing this they will avoid aoe life steal. have rogues (who attack necro) in another grp, they must kill 4* skeles for ranged on spawn. tank and a druid on ghosts. if an extra dl rondel is near have it ...

Re: How important are abilities??

Ok seriously tho they DONT have much effect in a small amount but 2000/2000 ive magic is about 400 dmg extra your funny, why are necro rings so useful? they give 100 levels worth of an ability and 200 stats at godly tier. str dex 1000 bow ability is op 1000 ice magic is 1/2 of your characters core ...

My dex build

I never really tried a dex build before, I use mostly strength adds besides bracer. Is this fine. It is going to be for bossing. Also note that I am on heroic attack elixir. Without it I have 6.4k attack

Re: Need Stat Advice

your build looks good as far as having a druid with you. usually i solo or lix with lure mage or warriors.
my stats
7100-attack (on lix)

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