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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Congrats to the OTM developers for taking anything of value the older players had and made them worthless. I feel bad for anyone that has spent millions on collecting rare fashion. What a dunce. You don't know even know what the chest do yet. Or how far it goes back. Predicting the future? Feel bet...


I just want to congratulate otherside clan on the server herne, we learned today that we can kill necro forsure! Although it didn't die we got him down to 20% while being griefed by rival clan Lazy Drunks. It was a major benchmark for us and we are destined to move up from there. If anyone is lookin...

Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Manannán's Palace As Manannán stands in his palace, a palace of turquoise and gold walls. surrounding him was none other than Fomoire. The Fomoire are fierce beings from an unknown dark desolate realm. Beginning to inch twards the son of the sea. Manannán draws his sword, on the outside he displays ...

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