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Re: "Trust Trades"

Plus3 wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:I feel bad for poor goloble people who fall for trust trades. So ironic. No trust in any of that trade.

They took gullible out of the dictionary.

I laughed way to hard as this comment

Re: "Trust Trades"

Maxpedition wrote:Instead of coming up with more fashions, pets, mounts,or events for awhile how about dedicating some developer time to create ONE VERY IMPORTANT AND GOOD TO HAVE thing:

Re: Update on warrior

he is clearly still lvling that char. my advice would be get 200 weps. mace and runic axe, 3 runic str rings or 2 and a haste ring (i prefer to just use haste lixs tho) then just keep lixing to 220. youre in or going to join lazydrunks if im correct? so raid gear will come if you cant afford 200 lu...

Re: Update on warrior

Not sure what you are looking for tbh. I just don't think dps warriors are viable if you don't have access to raid boss gear. A rogue would have much better overall dps with the same health and defense. The only advantage you have is a bit higher armor so make a rogue or use that toon to tank inste...

Re: Update on warrior

BlackMamba wrote:Yeah pretty terrible. My alt warrior is lower level than you and has about 3900 dmg 11k attack fully buffed. Not using a slow crap wep either

U should show me a pic of this non crappy warrior

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