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Re: Prices

Health and energy 1.5k
SKS 4-5k
Scs 10k
Haste 7-8k.
Travels 4k
Hks 5-6k
Hcs 15-20k
Attk,def, etc 1k
Restos 200-250g per
Idols 100g per

Re: Sulis sale

My name is boiaz on server Sulis, I am currently selling: Primal relic serpentstaff: 90% speed 30% camouflage (3 in the server Sulis) 700k primal relic fellspine: 90% speed 30% camouflage (1 in server Sulis) 800k warlocks diabolical fellspine: 80% speed, proc skill life drain (10% chance at drainin...

Re: Competition - Design a Zone!

I always thought it would be awesome if we could have like our own houses Where I could invite my clan over and they have access to things like lixes or Quest items maybe like a clan house maybe I don't know it's a.. thought are another big thing I've always wanted to see you with something to do w...

Re: Legacy boss - broom of doom

This thread is turning into a presidential debate on who should of been president lol. Here's the pros New player expierence missed events. Will keep interest of new people. Great way for current players to get previous gear as well. Completeing a set and etc. Here's the cons Value may decrease on C...

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