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Horizons peeps!

Hey, psy here. My wifi is out atm, I'll be back as soon as I figure out what the problem is, might need to spring for a new router, I miss you guys!

Much love for the best clan I ever had,
Psylocke / Revanche

Re: Disc Prices

be0wulf wrote:Eqona prices

Moon disk 500-1000g

Sun disk 2-3k

Oak disk 5k

Crown disk 5-7k

Elm disk 10-15k

Dragon 25-40k

Holy crud, I gotta switch worlds, if I didn't love my Druids clan so much (Horizons FTW)

Disc Prices

Finally going after my warden gear, and wondering if anyone knows the act prices on each disc so I don't get ripped off. Ty in advance for your help guys!


Ive been working on a new too in this world and finally farmed enough gold for an ancient bow. Yomamma was selling one for less than store price, so I opened trade, he put the bow in, and I put my gold in. I checked the box, and he somehow removed the bow from the sale without my box unchecking, and...

Solo Druid ideas

i made a Druid alt because I play a Druid anywhere I can, so I'm looking for ideas for a solo-able build.
Any suggestions about stats/skills/gear? I've heard totems are a better choice for dmg, and I plan on getting sigils so focus isn't an issue. Tyvm in advance to any who weigh in.

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