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Re: Knucks

Sniper2k wrote:Didn’t they already add h2h bt rings?

That’s the assumption. I’ve asked for h2h gear to be spread to midgame as well (aggy necro) Dif said he’d run it by the devs, but we shall see if they get that its needed

Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.4.1C

How about reintroducing removed gear to midgame to encourage trying those options There is gear for EVERY weapon type but this. Just a couple OW rings and a legacy misc. there’s one aggy brace but it’s ranger only. Give us something to work with, I’ve wanted a knuck build for YEARS and the gear jus...

Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.4.1C

[quote="Difinitus"]Hello, Below are the following changes to Celtic Heroes. We're making slight adjustments to the new raid in order to maintain the intended design: challenging and fun but most importantly, fair. We'll continue to monitor to ensure the boss whilst difficult remains beatab...

Re: Let's be realistic

I use to play alot a couple years ago. I have gave all my stuff away but today or tomorrow I plan to restart my journey. Is it actually worth even trying? Will this game close down, or shut down, basically go. I'm not a plat buyer and I want to go end game. Is it realistic. When do you guys think t...

Re: Favorite fash

HUGE turquoise lover here. I don’t mix/match much, but the first mashup I did I kept for a long time because it looked very badass:
Stalker mask
Dark rider gloves
Sanghal legs
Sacred auroral boots
Very feral, very intimidating I thought. Kept that on my locker for ages.

Re: Comp servers

Ros is certainly a 1-clan server now. There have been comp due to frisson from those unhappy with how it’s run, and thought they would revolt rather than go where those of like mind dwell. The only consistent comp clan is a group that just wants to do their own thing, a very small group that is quit...

Re: Full support?

Royal bt ammy, imp bt charm Royal + maj prot dex bracers ( waiting for an ambush 2 royal/1imp cunning rings and godly prot expose Dark gele dex blade Edl with vit mord helm(ugh) 200 lux oh lvl5 chicken pet I have 2950 expose and 2150 smoke. I’m getting just under a 3:1 ratio of dex/expose increase (...

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