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Dino h2h bets testers...

Did anyone give this a full go? I have always wanted a Knick build but the poor dps combined with the lack of ability gear makes it a painful process. Did anyone try the Dino neck/ knucks together to see how it did? There’s nothing in game to test with otherwise, and our server can’t muster the forc...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

I think you are all focusing on the big scary macro numbers to much, 2000! When if you drill down into the individual numbers it’s not really all that. It’s not designed around 1 or 2 people farming a whole clans worth, rather about personal responsibility to be prepared to raid. Having to prepare ...

Bloodthorn bash

How tf are people supposed to farm a clans worth of pots every 6 hours?? How many servers can no-life that much farming? That’s insanity tbh, otherwise this event does sound amazing. Just remove/nerf the pot requirement during the event please.

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