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Re: Broken bones

i had (and still kinda do) a horrible case of shin splints. It then "evolved" into a full blown stress fracture, and I was in a boot for about 6 weeks.

Re: Midterms...

Latin exams and geometry on the same day.....
but thanks for all the good wishes, being a freshman in highschool means this is my first time for my first "real" big test. (EOC's for science and algebra last year dont count imo, they were to easy)

time to studdyyy~ :D

Re: Danus History

HEY!! does that mean im not the only sub lvl 100 veteran on danu? I thought i was the only one lol. I cant exactly remember what was going on when i was a nub, but i do remember i was doing a favor for a friend and at the time i was pretty high level and a boss fight was occurring. i forgot what it ...

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