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Re: Bt healing bug fixed

https://s31.postimg.cc/kx25pifmv/IMG_3209.png This is when it raged lol Cmon show us a vid of BT hopping from 3% to 60% in cpl seconds :lol: I actually have full raid recorded lag and everything, you can even see me rapidly trying to get back to my feet’s but video to big to upload. It was a big me...

Re: Bt healing bug fixed

We were above the 40s. I couldn’t see I was main tanking, not the best one, FAR from it, I managed to ley just before the 3% as Big mentioned. I was lagging so bad I accidently relay leaving everybody open to damage. Despite the issues our Druids had with lag and tank ‘logging off’ this bad was on m...

Re: Server Nuada dead?

bob the mage wrote: ...

How about selling in game items for real life currency? Is that banable? Even if its only an attempt to sell said items for real money, should that result in a permanent ban?

Just asking

Re: Game-wide Auction House

-1 There is no way to make a multiserver ah without severely altering every economy involved. Invalid arguement. Aeon was allready introduced as the biggest scam in history of CH towards any "old" player that still play this game. "Server economies" will settle down and normaliz...

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