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Re: Abyssal wand

Deathreaver wrote:aggy = aggragoth

hes a lvl 150 (i think) dragon in the otherworld
he drops void tridents and grimoires (mainhands)

Dark shadow or void tridents and grimores :)

Re: Dex

I can confirm focus becomes less useful. My guess is prohibly dex does too

Re: Shield for mage?

If you solo, shield most likely is a better idea. If you are with people alot in bosses or leveling pick the 200 focus, because you don't need a shield if your not being hit :)

Re: Abyssal wand

Abysmal is mordis related loot. And mordis only drops grimores and spears, maybe you are thinking of the dragonlord wand?

Re: A sneak peek at Celtic Heroes on the new engine!

I dont like the idea of a new engine, as the game progressed older devices kept getting more and more lag and crashes. Like how a 2g worked great in 2011, now it barely works at all and crashes all the time. I think at least the graphics should be optional. Everyone wants a new engine but you lol, ...

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