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Re: Is Lugh Active?

Mizza, you don’t even play anymore and haven’t done for some months. It’s weird hanging around the forum throwing shade on Lugh. Factual not true. I have been logging in lugh lately to sell stuff and help out with a boss here and there. Besides that I actively play on another server. Why is it weir...

Re: Is Lugh Active?

oh, sad to hear that. Thank you for being honest about the servers situation. I appreciate the reply. No problem at all. As you can see, the player of the dom clan in this thread starts to decide who is and is not eligible to give you feedback. Ofcourse only positive feedback about this server is a...

Re: Is Lugh Active?

Hello, i was looking to xfer to Lugh to have a new start and adventure. But as i was exploring places it came to me as a shock with so few people in castle (than im used to). Is Lugh fairly active right now and fun to play in?, did i log in at a less active time?. Or are there just less castle dwel...

Re: New clan - Apex

Everything is unfair Apex says the level requirement is 180 to join yet they invite their friends who are below 180 like a guy at 159 is in Apex a guy at 157 is in Apex.. while we grind towards 180 the guys join by help of Friends instead of grinding like us... It is totally unfair to invite people...

Re: Nuada free server

This is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen in ch so far! Really makes me want to play the game again and try out this system on your server.

I am just wondering how people out of apex are regarded. Are they included in rolls if they help with a raid boss?

Re: Against the dominance

Competition in this game is toxic. Mostly because the winning factor revolves around ‘who can spend the most time and money on a virtual place’ Besides that, most competition in this game is a fed dominant clan vs an underdog clan, often with fewer resources and people. They say they enjoy this kind...

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