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Re: Fix ASAP

It’s ironic that after years of ‘feedback’ about recycled content, hack and slash raids, lack of effort vs reward where all participants should be rewarded instead of a select few... VR took this in and created a boss with all of their worst mistakes combined. This event is one big middle finger to ...

Re: Arena lag

If your toon gets stuck in the arena and you get disconnected every time you try to log back in the fastest way to fix it I found is to reset your toon to the castle and then close the app completely and then start it back up. Worked for me atleast I did this several times. Regardless, you could st...

Arena lag

9+ pages of toons cause a lot of lag.

Couldn’t log into the arena anymore. If I reset my toon to the castle I could log in again, but entering the arena causes you to lag out or be stuck on the loading screen.

Some other clannies experienced this problem as well.

Device: Iphone 8

Re: Conra the Wolfmother

All damage will hit 60-100%(damage flux) of the stated value(unless it is scripted to do otherwise) at 0 resistance. Larger resistance values decrease the percentage. Yea, I doubt that. I spent an hour attacking it on haste lix and watched every single hit and it never reached 100% or somewhat clos...

Re: Next Update

I play the G.O.A.T game to enjoy and have fun and not to ease boredom. Im not getting bored in the same events over and over and over and over. Hence im not getting bored killing mobs or bosses over and over and over and over and over. If i feel bored i just stop playing. If you are bored in the ev...

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