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Lizard king totem(adds 120 ls damage)
comraks spiritseed charm
smuggler tonics 1k each

Re: I AM HER! :D

Curry30423 wrote:
Chelsea wrote:He is demmann >_> nub ._.

He demmannen2._. Not demmann:-:

It's demannen2 with only one m. If u want to be a smartass do it right. It means 'the men' in dutch/belgium

Re: Transfer?

The people in lugh are quit friendly if u stick to the few rules we have in this server. For the prices u need to be a little bit more specific. :D

Re: I AM HER! :D

then you should join berserkers:) fits the description Lol berserkers was run by a tyrant and is nowhere near what it once was, seems like a bunch of newbies now :p like who the hell cares what vulture thinks. U can hate in every post, no one likes u :) It was meant encouraging. I want a out of con...

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