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Re: Necro down by danu!!

Zyz wrote:Can someone tell me what fashion Queefmagnet is wearing? I'm loling at the name. But the fashion looks cooler than anything I've seen in this game so far

It's full dragonlord Armour and a void Mordris Helm.

RogueGods.. wrote: Wheres beattz and RogueGods

Thank you both for the help!

Re: Nj Ascension on necro

He's still standing, but we're getting him closer to dying before rage with every attempt. The last one we got him down to nearly 5% hp left before raging and we managed to get him to 1% before the Acolytes respawned. He healed back up to 5% during the shield so we called it off.

Re: TO Kudos and Ascension

As long as you don't name shame, I hope the forums allow you to do this. Im actually very curious to see an outsiders perspective on the clan wars and someone other than kudos/ascension keeping score keeps it unbiased. Hope you have fun in your experiment and that the wars on the battlefield doesn't...

Re: Reset

U guys have about 50+ former Kudos members. The fact they left Kudos for Ascension means they are disloyal. No matter what clan you are in, leaving it for what ever reason is being disloyal... And you gladly invited them all in... So dont bs me. No one should be expected to remain loyal to a clan t...

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war Postby Smeagle » Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:55 am Get friddo not sure what your character name is in kiddos. But in sure u are a member in that clan, which by the way invites every scammer and low life on danu to its clan out of desperation. Please get your stories correct befo...

Re: Reset

To echo what Smeagle said, look more closely at the spelling of the clan name above his head. He's not in Ascension and we don't control what he does. :roll:

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