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Re: Clan Owned Gear

Hoarding is just amassing money and objects of value to hide or store away. So yes it is hoarding. Is the hoarding done for a purpose? In this case your suggesting it's to stifle competition. But it is still hoarding. Killing a boss and storing it does not have any deleterious effects whatsoever, s...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

Same argument could be made against the clan in question. If a player wants to leave to the rival clan because he/she isn’t having fun anymore then why should they have to return gear? Why would they get a bad label for doing so? They worked hard for the clan, provided their services for the clan, ...

Re: So it DOES exist

Chaotic wrote:Love that 6 years after the boss comes out it finally drops when it is alost completely obsolete besides on a locker :lol:

:lol: you have a point lol but it's still awesome to see one.

Grats guys.

Re: Server crashed

Rikitt wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:How many other servers had started raid bosses? :/

Being Rhiannon.. and one of the last servers to go up, we were 10 seconds into Hrung. Lol

We were a good bit into necro ... :? I imagine whole clan probably got sent to leystone with that glitch lol

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