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Re: Wiz

Hey Rean! :D

Rosmerta’s booming right now! Many old players are trickling in due to anticipation of the Corrupted Gardens update. Now’s the time to level, bc with all old players returning Rosmerta is due for some action.

Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

Wow! Not quoting because of long post, but +3,000 to everything GaiBoi just said! OTM, I’ve played Celtic Heroes since 2011. I’ve loved watching the game grow in content, but the repetitiveness makes people want to delete the app in general. How to delete an app that’s consumed so much of my time? T...

Hello Rosmerta :-)

Hello all! Just letting my forum peeps know that I am still on Rosmerta! If there are any old players that still play, comment you’re in game name and level!
I’ve played since 2011 and would like to see who still plays.

Re: For anyone who wants to play arawn

I’ve played since 2011, and I have seen the best and worst clans rule Rosemerta, and eventually fall. I can say, as a clansman, that Forever (and it’s feeder clan TheReal) is one big family! DrGreenThumb is literally never mean or rude, and is actually quite fair, regardless of a screenshot you may ...

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