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Re: Tower leveling

Yea I was 191 when update came out and had saved te Lixs up. Hit 220 in 3 weeks just need to keep at it and focused. Nobody is saying its hard - its just grinding. The point is that after we all grinded are way to 190+ just to sit and camp bosses all day, a lot of people don't have any desire to sp...

Re: Tower leveling

Close to 207 and I have the plat to hit 230+ just no motivation to level up. pretty much this - I started the update at 194(?) and have just recently hit 198. I don't have the motivation to sit down and play for 2.5 hours straight to increase my stats by 5 pts, so I'm just lvling when I feel like it.

Design Gelebron Drops - Ranger

Every boss that is released is inevitably met with a "WTF" was OTM thinking and complaints that the drops are crap. So, I thought it would be interesting to design the loot we would want to to see drop (and isn't OP). Starting with Ranger, I had a couple ideas -A lot of rangers are str bas...

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