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Re: Heyooo

Armo wrote:Hey Swan!

Sad you're not around for update :(

didn't she quit because of seed?

Re: Resurgence & Blaze

Nowadays I popped in arena every now n then to check if there is anyone worth killing. If I see the likes of reapy, Bob or goots there, I kill them all the time to try to upset them because they try to do the same to me. But I leave most blaze alone. Ok, but i thought that Res and Evolve weren't al...

Re: Cheapest Class

I'm a level 60 warrior and still use the first gear you get from starter quests with some lux you could get to full warden using noob gear so it's cheap

Resurgence & Blaze

What's the go with Blaze and Resurgence? Why are they rivals is it because they are top clans that want bosses? That's fine who doesn't like a little competition but is there stuff that either clan do to make each other rivals? I saw someone from Res repeatedly killing Blaze and some other clan in a...

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