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Re: Dear Crom

Reason for asking? I feel like you wanna put me on a sh*t list for speaking the truth -.o The sad truth of Crom, don't tell them your name otherwise you will be targeted it's like a government if you expose secrets and tell the truth you get thrown into jail or in this case a unfathomable list :lol:

Windows 7 HILP!!

I NEED HILP!! When i download a file it always opens in notepad i have tried everything i can to get it back to normal but it keeps opening in notepad if anyone know's how to fix this please hilp me. FILE: https://app.box.com/s/pl246elnpfk0goqs2t3aaq02hm0knf8j it won't do anything to your computer i...

Re: Go easy on otm...

i have a game breaking glitch for one of my characters, she just stands on the pier spawn getting told to run straight but she can't because she is facing the ocean and can't run any where even when i reset the position it deselects as my last character selected. R.I.P.

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