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Re: Files

Name: SmellyUnder Clan: Badabing World: Arawn Level: 91.52734 Class: Rogue SmellyUnder was raised as an orphan child in Stonevale farm. He has no idea who his real parents are or where he came from. Brotag the Druid recounted that when a farmer, Fellgrin, found an abandoned infant under a tree by th...

Re: New Rogue, Need Help!

You need enough dex to be able to wear the best ancient amour. But once you get warden gear with no dex requirement, dex is no longer required. I put most of my points in strength and vitality now.

Level 91 Rogue / Badabing Clan

Re: Server Progress.

As long as there are human players, there will always be scammers, calmers, beggars, or trash-talkers. But there are also wonderful players around who are respectful, tolerant, harmonious and helpful just like in the real world.

Level 91 rogue / Badabing Clan

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