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Re: Winter update thoughts

OTM thank you for the winter update. In my opinion you really got it right this time. Yes, the community often complains but it's only as we love the game and are so dedicated. Keep up the good work. I have been in the game since 2013, if your good work continus I'm sure I will stay many more years.

Re: dual logging

Does otm have any plans to reduce the amount of dual+ loggers? just curious i'm not for or against it but was wondering what otm's stance on it is, more so those logging 4+ toons. When i say reduce the amount of dual loggers i can only think of two ways to really do so, one is reduce the need for c...

Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

They only restarted the servers. They didn't change anything . Obviously it's not a simple fix. They don't even know why it's happening. When these kinds of things happen to our servers, we bring them down and perform a thorough review of everything, top to bottom. Rather than making our user suffe...

Re: "Jackpot chest pet"

The main problem imo is that there aren't any other ways to get this pet besides gambling with chests. Which is no problem at all. Unless the supply of chests on any world is lacking. Out of the 800 chests I’ve known people open not 1 egg, sounds like a problem to me So far I bought 400 chests. Not...

Re: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Frozensoul wrote:otm could make some sort of chest you can buy that only has pink items in it, and the money would go straight to one of the breast cancer organizations, the items could range anywhere from potions, to fashion, to mounts, i think there is a pink eagle mount, but I don't remember.


Re: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

+1... As someone who recently lost a family member to breast cancer it still means something when people organize acts like this. It shows that people care and recognize the sadness that follows with breast cancer. While donating to charities is of course helpful, not everyone can, and for those wh...

Re: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Eh sorry, but It's an empty gesture. Simply wearing pink fashion does nothing. Getting involved with BC charities is 100x better. What a bad attitude toward a good cause. Havoc offered Avalon to join in a dual clan picture. Avalon rejected the offer. Now we know why. So let me ask you Tuula, what e...

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