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Re: Thank you Muldar

ShadowKnight wrote:From what I've heard, muldar is no longer with otm. So in the event that is the case I hope he glances by the forum.

I wanna thank you muldar for all u have done for this community for these past years. You have done an excellent job and I sincerely hope everything works out for u.


Re: What Happened To Avalon

I doubt that havoc is helping Avalon at a boss lol they hate you guys so I'm sure they won't bother helping you. Tulla stops pretending to be a judge ur **** at it like really lol used havoc took gear and joined a dead clan that won't be what it was ever. Darkshitty please stop acting like you know...

Re: epona killed BT again

Im on both Morrigan and Epona. I must say after being in game 5+ years I prefer Epona for many reasons. Great bunch of ppl who are extremly kind and helpful. I surely hope that those servers who have a hard time killing bt will find a way to cooperate between clans to get it killed. It would surely ...

Re: Clan War Servers

You have: Arawn: 1 clan Belenus: 2 clan Crom: 1 clan Danu: 2 clan Epona: No server competition Gwydion: No clue Herne: No clue Lugh: 1 clan Mabon: 1 clan Morrigan: 1 clan Rhiannon: 2 clan (I think) Rosmerta: 1 clan Sulis: No clue, but sounds like a grief-fest if you're into that. Taranis: 2 clan (I...

Re: What Happened To Avalon

This game is fun. That’s why we all play it. It needs some tweaking but the things that take away the fun aren’t game mechanics it’s poor sportsmanship and anger and sulking and pouting on ANYONE’s part. When we all play to have fun and we all cheer the winner of a good lock fight rather than curse...

Re: The Reason We Play

I have loved this game since 5 years. But lately I have a feeling that the love isn't mutual from OTM. Over the years I created 5 220+ toons and some lockers. That kept bordom under control for a long time. I have only been in clans that was underdogs to the dominant clan on Morrigan (wich is now to...

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