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Re: Account Glitched after going to castle, Keeps saying I'm logged in

It kicked me out and now when I try to log back in it says I'm already logged in. This happened after several attempt of it taking me to server select page. I tried to log into a different server and then that's when notice started to appear. Is this a bug? Experienced same on my Mabon toon. Restar...

Re: Server crashed

The servers did not crash. They were taken down to stop a duper that was attempting to ruin our game. Just let support freeze the duper account and the accounts he traded to and the servers will be back up. The frozen accounts will likely have the duper items/gold removed and returned. Dupers ruin ...

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

This is a great way to kill the game. Differences between dominant and non dominant clans will increase. Catching up or competeing will be near to impossible. With no competition-for dominant clans and no way to develop -for non dominant - the game soon becomes boring. Result: people quit.

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