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Re: Politics in Celtic

We're garunteed equal opportunity, not equal results. We aren't. In Epona a poor person might not be able to afford the haste at every boss so he can't attend some bosses. Same with a business, you might be a great businessman but without the 100k+ capital to start your business and weather the ini...

Re: Politics in Celtic

People “all can’t start a business and get rich,” and people all don’t have equal potential. True. No analogy will 100% fit the comparison. I also agree no system is 'the best' we all have preferences and a system that fits within one culture will be completely illogical for another. We're garuntee...

Re: Anything in creation now?

Keep in mind Glasgow is what kept the game so stagnant for so long. They were the studio responsible for every content update to date, and the slow paced release of CG was entirely on them. The "horizontal content" focus was their idea. Now at least there's a chance that all could change. ...

Account help

About a year ago, you told me during beta that you would help me with an account issue. I'm unable to PM you so I'm wondering if you could please PM me and help me resolve this. You said you would help me so I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Game laggy

Could you provide further details? Stating the game lags unfortunately does not give us much to go on. Are skills not responding? Boss movements? Characters vanishing? Which server was this on? Is the WiFi indicator being displayed? On Sulis there is severe lag any time multiple clans snow up for a...

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