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Re: Why?

I think the flaw here is the 1k heal proc on a Druid weapon, a class that can already heal themselves sufficiently. Obviously it's just an effort to stay consistent.

Re: Ability training

Actually, the best methods that existed since the beginning are still effective. Start by spawning all 3 star and up in the Bloodgrove pit near Falgren. Including the 3 star unicorn and one of Falgren's placeholders if possible. Use these guys until your reflex and warding are both maxed. By now, yo...

Re: Those of Us Left

I don't post much these days unless there's a topic that I feel really deserves my input or developer's attention. As it should be IMO. People use more practical means of keeping in touch with the community such as multi-server Line/Band groups. Besides taking an easier and modernized approach to co...

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

Epona isn't an EG clan. He was referring to a single EG clan that has 80 mains actively killing BT. Yes but there's still a demand for every endgame main in epona for the helm, and I doubt that you could estimate how many mains average per raid in every server. 40 helms are ridiculous to "some...

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