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Hello buying shadow strike double attack heroic boots and white wyldwood hat and gloves :)

Re: Hi I'm new :)

Deebaws wrote:Welcome!

I'd recommend downloading BAND app and search Balor to join our auction house, general chat and Q&A.

Thx I sure will :)

Hi I'm new :)

Hi I'm new here I'm from iOS gwy and morigan.My name in this sever is ElementsOfMagic I'm looking to sell chest for 15k each :)and of any one could give me information how much things cost plz and thx :) and I'm looking to buy shadow strike riposte double attack and life steal :)


Hello just wondering how much are chest are going for.


Just wondering how much are chest going for


Hello just wondering how much are chest worth for here

Re: Fang get back on :(

LeGenDzZ wrote:
LastFriends wrote:Fang get back on :3 I will buy your stuff u lost :/(making this post so he can read it :0)

What happened to fang?

Like a idiot he bet all he's stuff on rolling and lost it all :0

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