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Re: I don't understand

minime1268 wrote:
Candies wrote:
Appfan3 wrote:Can i eat your pickle?

Can I tickle your pickle for a nickle?

Would you tickle that pickle for a nickel?

Nah. It's probably a pretty moldy pickle.

Re: Hi(:

yeah i thought it was dex until like 120-130 then go strength and at like lvl 23 i was partially auto no haste gloves loved it but i did use skills ofc Yeah, I went Dex until 100, but then switched to Str. Dex after a while becomes less beneficial. Str, I believe is more rewarding in terms of a hig...

Re: Ranger auto build :) (as requested)

Kendrill wrote:No duh you didnt say 100% dex. Thats the point im making. Use that build all day and night idc. I do care about the fact that you pose a topic in order to offer guidance and you clearly dont know what you're talking about.


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