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Re: Account name conflicted

And now I have noticed that my character Hubris (one of the toons on the conflicted account) is no longer in my inactive clan list. I'm worried that the game may have deleted the account along with my character!

If that is the case, I sincerely hope they can restore my character.

Account name conflicted

Hello, I am trying to log into my account and it says the "account name is conflicted change required" I don't want to give out the account name on the forum. It doesn't give any instructions other than "change required" How may I proceed to reclaim my account? It won't let me lo...

Re: what makes ch fun for you?

Just wondering why so many play ch? What makes it fun for you? The fun in it for me is an app that lets people in my clan voice chat. Its so much better to talk during bosses and not have to type everything. The competition on rosmerta is the most fun. There aren't many quests to do at my level, an...

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