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Re: Early Game Motivation

You can always gather cooking materials in lirs reach and sell them on auction house to exchange for sigils. People always need oats, barley, and wheat... and there are always sigils for sale on AH.

Just a thought so you can enjoy some premium items without swiping a credit card.

Re: Everytime I gather

Would be nice to see the old lirs again for even a day :D There is a way hREQ9R7UBJk Holy crap that was awesome! Thanks for sharing. Crazy to think how far the game has come along since those humble beginnings. Even your video, old and as filled with nostalgia as it is, still has a lot of patches i...

Everytime I gather

This game has officially entered into a certain realm of nostalgia that I enjoy with so many other great titles. Everytime I need some resources for cooking, I'll take a little trip to Lir's Reach. Sometimes I forget that my sound is on and the music hits me and takes me back. I remember first downl...

Re: Celtic Heroes Holds...

Love this game because I love MMORPGs. I don't always have three hours to sit in front of my desk committed to a raid. As I get older, I have less and less long spans of uninterruptible time to play. Celtic Heroes is perfect. I play at work on my breaks, I play in line at the DMV. I fish while I'm p...

Re: Farewell Taranis

Regenleif wrote:
Tyrant wrote:No leave!

I've only just returned to my old server after years away.

Welcome back Tyrant :)

Thank you kindly Regen, looking forward to seeing you in game again =)

Re: Account name conflicted

Oh my gosh, what a relief. I have been sweating these past two days thinking all of my progress may have been gone. There are a few minor issues, mostly just some unexplained missing items... But I'm not going to worry about it too much, I'm glad to have her back. I know I am missing the giant ice L...

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