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Gala's Rares and Fashion Shop

Will be updated as items are sold. Message here or in game/mail to discuss prices. If item is listed below, it is still available. Always open to trades/offers. Always adding more to this list. Fashion: White Hunter Hat --- 500k Nature Mask Set --- 150k Candy Cane Set --- 150k White Nature Mask --- ...

Re: Nature Attunement

I think an attunement is a great idea, however as GhostLord said instead of boosting Damage it should boost Heals. The problem with what Regenleif and Ghost are saying, however, is that there is absolutely no reason to boost our healing skills. Why? Because leveling groups never need druids. Becaus...

Re: Nature Attunement

Good idea. I would almost prefer, however, that a druid attunement would only boost 2 skills instead of 4 as you suggested. Mages can choose between two different attunements, each boosting two different skills. So why not allow druids the choice of two attunements, each boosting 2 different skills?...

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