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How is everyone?

Just as the title says. I was just curious to see how everyone's doing and congratulating on those who made it this far. As for me, I have quit and kept my interest in other games but hopefully we'll cross paths again. :)

Re: I want to know who is who

The names Desolate and I'm pretty sure Obama doesn't have a last name and if he does what is it? (I'm joking around with Invaded - Barack Obama just in case) That's pretty much it I'm Desolate and Armo is my nub :D.

Re: I'm hunting for a player

I am hunting for someone that goes by the name of Hellabunk please let me know if you know anything about Him thanks :) -Pixel I am hunting for those named Aed and Aplus, those two apparently recently moved to Celtic from Avabel, but I don't know if the Avabel coming to try out Celtic makes much se...

Re: Seedlings info

He forgot to mention the quickest way to join is to mail his character cornflakes or savvy ur story of ch. don't be afraid to send the mail even if takes 15 messages to get the whole story he has plenty of time to read it ad will read every message. :lol: gl to everyone that tries. And Neil2. But m...

Re: bye

I don't hate him either. I actually saw him in arena once or twice but left him alone. I'd only 'hate' someone if they mess with our bosses (reset glitches/griefing), or if they actively curse me in-game. I curse you teehee I'm pretty sure "my nub" is cursing (in my definition) does that ...

Re: Account got hacked !!

Jdork said you sold it to him for 200k to buy and offhand for someone :p Besides.. If somone hack somones acc i dont think he will admit of hacking it Then how did he get it? Doesn't make sense unless you gave him some sort of info. +1. You can't be hacked unless you've shared information. It's not...

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