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Re: Hi

Coughing up that much will make you sick... Atleast it would to me...

Re: New

It all depends on how you want to play, but I would go with a dex build(guessing ur a lower LVL from ur gear) and use longshot, sharpshot, light heal and steady aim(either that or bolas) Again that's just what I liked. Have fun playing ranger :)

Re: How's my build

You have way more health then you realistically need, I'd bump it down to 2.2k at MOST. And you have enough energy regens that you could just take away focus altogether, and roll with the boosts from gear and such. With the extra points probably add them to str to increase ur dmg. And in place of ur...

Re: Give Away

Thought I posted already... Don't see my post lol. Anyways, I love this game because of the memories I've made while playing, and the many interesting people I've had the chance to meet. I'm sad to see you quiting, hope you have a good time with whatever you now pursue:)
Ign Venomshot

Re: Advice on items and how to progress

Haste ring is deft no obsolete even when u have rapid shot maxed because of the long cool down timer of the skill. I am 184 and I still use my haste ring. As some ppl said - u can always switch rings if u find yourself in a situation where u will haste lix. But my advice is to buy it. K ty :) savin...

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