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Re: Changes on danu

I feel you Micky. No matter how much time I've spent on this server, I'm mostly invisible .-. It could be my own fault for not being very vocal in shouts or something but regardless, who I am and what I've done, I always feel foreign to Danu. Even 3 years isn't long enough to establish yourself as a...

Re: just saying hello


I miss you so much lol. You have to come back to the IOS version... where its drama 24/7 lol. I hope you are alright! Good to hear from you :D

Take care, God bless.
Yours truly :P

Re: For those that care. I'm quitting CH

Hello PoDatz, It really is a pain to see such good members leave :/ I never really had a chance to have a chat with you besides during the times we camped exp wyverns lol. Good times nonetheless. It was good to battle by your side and I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family. I know w...

Re: So long my friend...

There lived a legendary soul among monsters and beasts A stainless identity of a bright luminescent soul released In a wretched and cruel world where lost spirits feast Upon the blood and victory attained by the defeat Of fellow hands.. Of other clans... The Warrior we once knew, was a hero - a sav...

Re: Hello Again Danu.

OMG CLANDY!!! I miss you so much :/ How have you been? Feels like forever since we had a chat, haven't seen you in a loooooooong time :( Damn iPod... why did it have to break down >.< just made it more harder stalk you -_- err.. I mean talk to you xD Grr.. you really must return soon or I'll send yo...

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