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Re: Arawn

Not really. This game is just filled with insane asylum weirdos hellbent on leveling and lazy beggars who know nothing of playing a basic mmo. Also let's not forget about the level crazed players who beg others to level. And ofcourse those who if you don't pledge there undying loyalty they'll kill y...

Re: A little about

I wouldn't say this is a "mature and grown-up" server if a stupid war over a long forgotten reason is still being fought. Not saying who's involved but I'm pretty sure we all know. Go ahead and hate me for saying this but I see no reason I'm often seen as a threat. Again just saying. Just ...


I know this is odd for asking this buuuut I don't know any better so I'll ask anyway :) :

Does anyone happen to have a regular Necro charm or jotun charm for sale/trade? If so let me know on here since mailing in game lags like heck and makes it a pain to do. Thanks in advance :)

Trading mounts

Trading 80/10 with 10 health and energy regen Phoenix glider for 80/10 wings. Look for me or mail me in game if interested

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