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Re: What Happened To Avalon

OTM don’t listen and don’t play their own game. The game will fall, it’s inevitable game is not failing your clan is. the game is doing better then ever so many new ppl on all servers new bosses coming out soon more pets mounts otm is doing a great job with the game you guys keep saying its failing...

Re: loko

your time is getting closer my boi soon you will be resting in peace. you will meet your maker!

Re: What Happened To Avalon

what happen to avalon?? ummm they had gele rage on em 7times straight with 35 ppl only getting it to 40%. and then raged at other ppl cuz they were watching them fall at it.
on a other note hope to see u nubs back for update! lock fights always makes game more fun!

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