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Re: My day today was my worst

Don't be bullies, god aggy's a human like all of you, treat him with some respect he's never done anything wrong. This is why your server is ****, picking on kids, congrats. You don't know what he has and hasn't done, don't talk crap about us when you don't know anything... Uhm... He's the real Asc...

Re: Has anyone found it?

Deathreaver wrote:guess what my counterbuild is

get on my OWN staff that and beat your butt :D

your strategy works fine in most cases...just make sure you dont incinerate a warrior with a faster staff :lol:

Pretty sure you could only use plummel on your staff. ;)

Re: possible energy issue solution

You are dropping e boost yes, but e boost can be applied to other members which is very useful for dl bosses etc. H2h mage you are also dropping offhand, which 300 focus offhand is a lot to replace with some auto dmg. To armo's point, when you use AoE nukes(fire storm and iceblast) you draw the adds...

Re: haters gonna hate

i think mages r alot cheaper than the other classes because we dont have to invest into expensive armor. im a lvl 75 mage with duskshadow and a gold trident of fire and i do just fine soloing As you said you are level75, when you are higher lvl you will encounter energy issues, especially if you wa...

Re: haters gonna hate

You'll find everyone moans about mage's e shield in PvP.

The fact is we need it for pvp, with paper thin armor it makes more sense to use energy shield then put points into vitality.

Re: Good PvP Build?

Crissa wrote:Freeze sucks in PvP. Its endurance is cut in half making it useless since I do not have sigils

The freeze duration could mean the difference between you putting up another e shield or another skill cooled down.

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