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Re: help pleasss

thebeast1221 wrote:I actually texted her and asked her out and she said yes thx so much yo guys:D

NISE BRo I lov someone too but I don't think she do because she is so hot mMmm

Re: credit cards.

my parents gave me a credit card at 6 because they said I am idiot enough and I bought Ferrari with it and gave to my 7 years old sister and she got acsident and it just was the happy day I was near the road and saw the dyeing hhhh I was LIEK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *** you sister now you dye but then when ...

Re: Join Idiots!

mmmMmMmM I was kydding but if they wont to post here they cen sure they cen always but they have to know what OU is and if they don't kno I'll be good gui I'll explain to them OU is love OU is life mmM OU is everything if you don't feel very well think about OU OU will always be there for you OU for...

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