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Re: Getting free itunes cards

Yup of course it's a long way to do this, that's why if you really need something just buy it using your real money ;)
However this can be an extra, just check weekly and download some apps ... taking you not much time and sometimes you will be able to get some itunes cards (from 10 to 50$)

Getting free itunes cards

Here the idea, There are many websites offering some free ways to get itunes cards, Thanks to a youtube video, i saw a website which works for many countries (USA, UK, FRANCE (cuz i'm french ;) ) and some european countries) It's a 100% legal way to get itunes cards (you can also get some reductions...

Re: Novelty Ability Competition now full, ends on 9/20

Happy birthday even if i failed I gave up a bit seing all the best ones joining the competition especially blrd who said he had almost maxed his ability (+900) Anyways, i had fun and it was a cool competition http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o585/hellfighter781/A867426C-DDD8-415D-B77B-BAECE51D2C9...

Re: Novelty Ability ALL SERVER Competition 9/14-9/20

I'll join too Just starting on my alt : http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o585/hellfighter781/44A1E1C0-E5A9-472D-B4E9-F9F9977E0176-318-000000737E51B4D3.jpg Name : HellFighter World : Herne Edit : Just wanted to say that i do it with a 10% speed carpet only and without heroic gloves of haste (my ma...

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