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Re: PvP Alt Thread

all pevepe is pure nothing, but simply struggle of wallets used True, it’s pretty just a straight skill spam. A little bit of strategy in terms of what gear to use, but no player can really be a PvP player and a pve player at same time. Hoping they add in alternate builds for PvP soon in a PvP over...

Re: The Dino raid.

I wanted to share what Difinitus suggested for successful Dino raid. For those who missed it here you go. I hope more servers will kill it soon. Dhiothu is an end-game progression boss. She is difficult, but able to be defeated. Here are a few suggestions if you are having trouble slaying the beast...

Re: The Dino raid.

This guy is a joke and clearly doesn’t know what he is spamming here in forums. He got me confused, his 180 above average fs/fb makes decent damage but his first previous statement says we need to farm DG and Gele BT gears to beat Dhino boss, which is which? I know you just wanna help the raid, but ...

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