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Re: First New Necro Kill?

Arawn killed necro just with 4 drops. We got our second void weapon - void sword of necra shield. Other 3 drops are a dark bow and two mighty rings. Will post pic of the sword later. think OTM must have tweaked the loot drop algorithm. we are seeing more godly drops from mordy now and today the voi...

Re: Is Killing Necro Possible?

We just killed it first time since update today. 51 ppl 18 min. Used to be able to do 14 min with about 40 before engine. Although the 51 werent all 180+. And a lot of our 200+ was missing. First attempt with 40 the day after engine update failed with rage at 10%, second with 33 (because yolo) raged...

Re: Fastest Necro kill

We were at 67 necro kills, and then update made it so ppl couldnt log with their devices, and so much lag, havent killed necro since update, tried once, but didnt want to try again without 10 more ppl then we killed with before update

Re: Mordy buff!?

We didnt see any changes to Hrung. I checked in with Wulver, and it seems that there were some unintentional changes to the Mordris encounter which will be resolved in todays patch. Necro is the same, just more cluttered cause of all the big round letters everywhere. Will patch bring our hastes and...

Re: Mordy buff!?

Alsovery annoying was a bug/glitch where we all saw priestess on our left, but when we attack her, we turn to our right and attack someinvisible thing, after a bit shedissapered frm the left and appeared on the right. Her image was in one place but the target was in another.

Re: Mordy buff!?

Reviewing what happened with other clannies and after calmingdown a bit, we think the issue was lag. Mordys hp was dropping rapidly and then we hit heavy lag. Some were crashin, but we had trouble targeting adds, and personally as a mage i had moments where i couldnt cast any skills, i would tap on ...

Re: Mordy buff!?

Did u guys try it since the latest reset? Since this new engine came mordris is abit harder took longer n hits harder but we can still kill it before rage I should have clarified, I meant after the latest reset today, not sincethe update yesterday.we killed it after the update yesterday too, but to...

Re: Mordy buff!?

MarcusD wrote:Plus how are your skills now? mine seem to be better, not perfect but back to they were before update. I can easily see bieng at 50% dps before the improvement, so raging at 50% makes sense :/

This was an hour ago :(

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