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Re: Lock build?

Sorry for going off topic but the shop i need ure help i have this really cool dagger but i dropped it and i am using this cool wand now im a rogue thingy like you was that a good decision i was thinking of using a bow but then changed my mind because they look ugly im only lvl 160 and a nub like u...

Why some people hate me?

Why do some people call me a troll if they havent seen me in person? I am a human being not a ugly troll.i just created a guide that ive seen people like but some people just call me names. :( im only 11 and i like to help people who have trouble with a good rogue guide.

Re: Best rogue guide 1-230

Thank you so much! I remember when I was just standing there with no way of regenerating health until I discovered bandage wounds. Before this I was doing so little damage but now I can now 1 hit everything in my way and that all I need to do to kill Mordis is cast poison weapon, throw smoke bomb t...

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