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Re: Tickets response time

Zkills wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:
Zkills wrote:Instead of complaining about it, why don’t you go report it to Apple if you’re so concerned about it. Seriously

Ok brown nose

It’s just a game
Why so serious?

Exactly, why are you so serious bud? Getting triggered by all my posts.

Re: Tickets response time

Congrats you did 0.1% of the job and 0.1% of things people complain about, or am I wrong is there another percentage? Oh speaking of percentages where are the Chest drop rates at? I find it funny they claim they HAVE to update this unity for terms yet wont release chest drop rates even those are al...

Re: Tickets response time

Well you worded it in that form, if things were all up to date maybe the suggested playtime would already have been implemented and able to be seen without the help of yes you, support . In terms of looking for items ourselves, we can do that but the search bar kinda sucks and we have more than one...

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