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Darkness shrouds the poor lit pass as I am lead away to a rougher task.

I am not sure how long I will be away, my stay here is with out an end date, thus planning for all my devices to be turned off.
Tell the old ones that they are missed
Tell the new ones not to give up
For the rest, say nothing.

Re: The Turning Away

Very wise words to say the least, people should take a little time to read thru this and understand it. Good work brother ! Thank you Micky, our fight has always been one and the same, its the hopes that one player reads this and makes a small change with the new understanding. Micky you are one of...

Re: *Name Removed*

Hey I really don't want to name and shame but my friend *Name Removed* has my golden offhand trident i lent it to him and he hasn't been on for 2 days I accept that this is my fault im not asking for support to get it back but has this guy got any scamming history he seemed nice and im a general in...

Re: Bye bye

QMagnet wrote:Take care RG. Im sure you will be back, but if not, I hope you can find something outside the game to focus your fury and attention on. I'll leave my comments at that and not try to politicize you leaving.


Re: Got Scammed

I take it you did not know OTM dont alow buying accounts from other players, the reason is the same when you trade or use another persons account, the chances are greater of someone trying to trick you into having you put your items on there account and having them change the password on you. At lev...

Re: Idk what to do

You should stay but i understand why beatz is your enemy more crap flies out of his mouth than a Taco Bell enthusiast. I know you cant see this through your screen but *pelvic thrust* It hurts to laugh but that was funny! Sky its your game, play it or dont. It's what you want that is important, wha...

The Turning Away

As I sit here in a crane my mind begins to wonder. How diffrent things are and how people have changed some for the good others for the bad, it beccons me to post such a topic in order to share what I see and know to be true. To the new and young: Fisrt off, Welcome to the game, there are many here ...

Re: Need some advice

Your gonna learn that all classes take time and dedication to reach high levels. When you get sick of solo leveling it helps to act honorable and see if you can get someone to level with you that is close to your level, or a group of close levels and kill targets levels 12-15 higher than your own. W...

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