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Re: The Walking Dead Topic [Spoilers]

You're right about Carl. Even his real father was disappointed they gave him the axe. I didn't see the actual part of when he was bitten. When??? I was distracted by my studies. As much as I love the show my studies come first. That look Rick gave showing his rib to his dad. Omg I had to get a tissu...

Re: Any good Phone or tablet for CH

Just wondering what is the price range you're willing to spend on a phone or tablet? A friend of mine has the LG K20 plus phone. I asked her to download game to test it out other day. Works pretty smooth she said. Phone cost I think is about $200 though more or less. Pretty sure the next one coming ...

Re: The Walking Dead Topic [Spoilers]

You know I am!! I'm in school working hard but I'm tuning in. Thanks for bringing this back. PS I'm glad Sasha is gone she was a loose cannon. What a way to go out! I'm still stuck on Eugene. What side will he end up on after all now that it's going down? He better get out of there before Negan find...

Re: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

+1... As someone who recently lost a family member to breast cancer it still means something when people organize acts like this. It shows that people care and recognize the sadness that follows with breast cancer. While donating to charities is of course helpful, not everyone can, and for those wh...

Re: Rings

Shadowbolt2 wrote:
Armo wrote:We are your social life.


No inf is life

Also, I checked for rings but I don't have them. Sorry Purplegurl!

Thanks and miss ya bud.
Armo is right we are your social life!

Re: Rings

wifi124 wrote:You should start playing again :) to name a few myself Invaded, 0 and Themanpile have started up again and there are lots more

I do when I can. :)

Re: Siblings

Lord this posting LOL I can identify. I've got a twin and the 2nd oldest of 8....I be looking at all them like, "Yo why you bugging out we're not related." Then at times I look at them like holy motherless goat it's like my reflection in the mirror. I be calling them by the wrong name and ...

Re: What kind of server would you like to have?

Aileron wrote:
PurpleRain wrote:
Insomnia wrote:a friendly cheap server


Calling all players that are willing to spend $10,000 on plat and sell chests for 10k each.

I got about 1K of gold in at level 10. I'd be happy on a backpack at this point. LOL
(You still will always be my no elixir/ level 150 warrior/ signature hero over the years!)

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